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Jeff - 2 months ago
Hello. I'm a father who put his daughter up for adoption 25 years ago. This week was the moment I had been hoping for. She has made contact with the mother and they have spoke. In this process I havnt been notified in any way other then mother telling me. Luckily we had stayed in contact, over the years. I read the article and understand completely but I fill helpless right now. And don't know what to do. I've never regretted anything in my life more then this and I'm worried I will blow it. I've never had any other child but her and am honestly scared beyond words. #1
Lisa - 3 months ago
I'm looking for my older brother. His name was Karl Wayne Logan. I believe his birthdate was July 1968 ( I'm hoping that's right.) our birth mothers maiden name was Rita May Gullick. He was born in Poteau Oklahoma and given up or taken away in San Jose California. My older sister and I would desperately love to find him. Please contact us with any info. Thank you and GOD bless #2
Vinnette - 1 year ago
0 0 1
I'm a widow and would very much like to adopt a child or two. I've seen a nine year old girl from Virginia whom I'm very much interested in. Please advise on the steps of procedure. Thanks #3
Charise - 3 months ago
I'm looking for my younger sister my mom gave her up around April in 2002 or 2003.... My mom never wanted to tell me about her but I found out by looking through her stuff... Her real name was jasmine but they changed it to Dominique #4
Kathryn - 3 months ago
I'm looking for my son that I gave up for adoption April 29, 1977. #5
raul - 1 year ago
Looking for birth parents #6
Summer - 1 year ago
0 0 1
I was in foster care myself. I was adopted by my foster care mother. I would like to help others. Im trying to find out how to get involved. #7
taylor - 8 months ago
I can't wait to see all the kids I am looking for a baby girl I hope I can find one. #8
leslie joshua charles harris - 1 year ago
1 0 0
searching for my bio parents to let them know i love them and i am ok.my mothers name is judith elizibeth evans last known around TX,OK area my first birth certficat states leslie joshua charles harris.2nd is timothy m hammond.i have numorous c spine surgeys and have more schueled. new hips and may not be around much longer.i need my family.if anyone has any info i need your hep.i will pray this is seen and i pray for all that has read this and ask GOD FOR A HEDGE OF PROTECTION FOR ALL .this was a private adoptaion in lawton okla thru the office or brown.i have tried any and all and can not afford any more pay sevices.i am 45 and i pray there is a ANGLE of GOD THAT HE WILL SEND OR HELP. I also have orig. adoption papers that leds me nowhere.I AM LOST AND HAVE A VOID IN MY HEART AND SOUL.THANK GOD I HAVE HIM.THANK YOU FOR READIND THIS AND ANY POSSILE HELP #9
Rose - 11 months ago
1 0 0
Looking for my good friends siblings. He was very little when he was adopted.He does remember a set of twin boys slightly older-maybe six years old.We have very little information other than his possible birthday of 1/8/1956 and he may have been born in Washington State. #10
Debra - 1 year ago
1 0 0
I use to be a licensed foster parent and would love to do it again. #11
Jim - 2 years ago
1 2 0
I have been associated with the foster care system in New York for several years and it seems that there is a great deal of time spent on the rights of birth parents and not enough time on what is really “right” for the child. There are many instances of birth parents that are “known” not to be able to provide and yet, the cycle continues. There seems to be an amount of time that is considered acceptable or expected by the professionals involved with the system. The minimum amount of time for the termination of parental rights seems to be about two (2) years. There are many instances of birth parents that are “known” not to be able to provide and yet, the cycle doesn’t change. Two years in the lives of children is a long, and in my opinion, too long for the system to take to make a formal decision about their disposition. This is especially true when a major deciding factor is known at the onset about the inability of the birth mother to provide due to her own disab #12
Cynthia - 2 years ago
1 0 0
I have 3 children I am looking for. One born in 1986. But was born in Plano Texas. I don't know her exact birthday. The other 2 are siblings Angela Lynn Anderson born 10/07/2009 And Elizabeth Marie Anderson born 11/02/2010 #13
Joanne - 1 year ago
1 1 0
I have a neice that is having a baby for another couple. The man of the couple donated his sperm for the baby. Will the hospital let her put the father's and the adoptive mother's name on the birth certificate and not her own? #14
tracie - 3 years ago
0 3 0
Hoping to fined my children #15
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